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The HESTIA and HYPERION are DENAFRIPS advanced Pre & Power amplifier. The perfect companion of the well-regarded DENAFRIPS DAC family.

The HESTIA and HYPERION are fully developed in-house, the entire R&D process took a good 1 year duration to complete. 

hesta NOGZER.png

The HESTIA is a fully discrete, true balanced, class A line stage. It uses advanced microprocessor controlled relay based 85 stepped attenuator. The precision matched resistors yielded perfect channel balance, ultra low distortion at 0.000230%. 

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The HYPERION is a fully discrete, true balanced, class AB power amplifier. Output RMS rated at conservative 80W per channel into 8ohms, 150W into 4ohms (both channels driven). 

The 300VA power transformer is custom-made for audio with copper shield. 18 pieces of large reservoir capacitors (147,600uF) and fast switching action schottky diode, supplying more than adequate DC power rails to the modular power amplifier. 

True balanced input are being amplified (both +ve and -ve signal w.r.t gnd) by the modular power amplifier circuitry. Each channel is equipped with 4 pairs of output transistors.

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