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HADES 12th

Hades png (1).png

The HADES is a fully discrete, true balanced, class-A line stage.

It uses advanced microprocessor-controlled relay-based 60 stepped attenuators. The precision-matched through-hole resistor yielded perfect channel balance, delivering ultra-low distortion, low noise, neutral sound reproduction. 


Hades png (6).png
Beefed up with 80VA O-Core transformer, improved low noise linear power supply and precision matched through-hole resistors, HADES set to be the premium preamp of DENAFRIPS line up. 


Hades png (5).png

It is highly recommended to use a proper analog volume control Preamp in the system with the DENAFRIPS DAC for the best audio experience. 

Hades png (3).png

The HADES is a perfect companion with the PONTUS II and VENUS II. 

Coupled with HYPERION or THALLO Power Amp, you are all set for a true balanced, exceptional performance high fidelity audio system. 

ATHERNA (18)_JPG.png

CNC Machined Remote Control Unit

The remote control unit is machined from a single block of aluminum, anodized in black color. 

It controls the preamp volume, source selection as well as dims the display. 

Interested in the AVATAR CDT? The same remote control can be used to control the CDT, too.


Hades png (2).png

"Chunky, organic, and slightly warm but with excellent depth perspective". The Hestia & Hyperion combo is the "High-value true-balanced pre/power combo", as 6moons editor Srajan put it. 

With the HADES and THALLO, you would expect the DENAFRIPS house-sound, but better in all aspects. 

EU VAT included. Shipped from EU. RARE warranty cases handled in the EU
We apologize for any inconvenience. The current images are outdated. Rest assured, we are in the process of updating them with the new 12.1 models. Until then, we guarantee that you will receive brand new, unopened 12.1 models.
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