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denafrips artemis

ARTEMIS is our flagship headphone amp, designed from the ground-up, equipped with the same technologies can be found in our flagship Terminator DAC - Smart Power Worldwide Voltage Auto Switching, Fast Recover Ultra-Low Noise Linear Power Supply, Low ESR Capacitors Bank. It is designed to drive any headphones, from the easy-to-drive to the hardest-to-drive headphone - it can literally handle anything you throw at it, effortlessly.

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True Balanced In and Balanced Out, with an audiophile-grade metal-alloy, shielded 4-gang 24-steps attenuation as volume pot. Full Discrete Class-A bias with oversized heat-sink for effective heat dissipation. ARTEMIS shared the same chassis width & depth with the Pontus and Venus, they make a perfect companion, aesthetically and sonically.  


ARTEMIS has been designed by music lovers, for music lovers. Its exceptional ability to reproduce complex music and details with density, and to render and recreate the sound-stage with a great sense of space and precise imaging, makes it the best in class, in our opinion.

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