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denafrips Enyo / Ares II



denafrips ares

The denafrips Ares DAC is a 20Bit/384KHz discrete resistor ladder Digital To Analog Converter, also known as R-2R DAC.

The architecture uses the most primitive R-2R DAC technology, it is probably the most suitable architecture to reproduce music. Despite the test results of various measurements and parameters of the conventional R-2R DAC are usually not as good as the mainstream integrated DAC chip, but the sound of R-2R DAC, is often filled with emotion, comfort, high fidelity, transparency, and additive musicality that most of the common mainstream integrated DAC chip cannot match.


To achieve a decent-sounding R-2R DAC, the use of ultra-precise resistors is necessary. The cost of high-precision resistors is expensive, each resistor must be stringently measured and matched by a machine with human intervention to cross-check. These results in a very high cost in the manufacturing process, hence, R-2R DAC is also a symbol of high-end DAC.


The denafrips Ares employs proper balance R-2R DAC design. Each channel is decoded by 4 sets of R-2R networks. This design has a minimal linear error, high decoding speed, and low digital noise, not only to ensure that the audio signal is a low distortion but also to ensure a very low background music noise; allowing the listener to enjoy the true music with dark background.

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