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### Technical Highlights

Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture: True balanced 26BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD with 32 steps FIR Filters. Precision R-2R Network Arrays: Matched thin film 0.005% accuracy. Power Supply: Encapsulated flagship ultra-low noise power supply. AC Transformers: High purity gold, silver, and copper alloy. OCXO Crystals: High-end oven-controlled crystals. FIFO Buffer Reclocking: Adaptive for improved signal stability. FPGA Processing: Direct digital signal processing. USB & I²S Input Support: DSD1024 and PCM1536. USB Audio Solution: Proprietary via STM32F446 Advanced AMR-Based MCU. USB Driver: Licensed Thesycon for Windows, driverless for Mac & Linux. Dual AES/EBU Input: Supports high-resolution audio. Filters Options: Sharp/slow filters available. I²S Configurations: Pinout and DSD channel swap configurable.


# DSD Support

DSD64 (DoP): Supported on Coax/AES/Optical input. DSD1024: Available on USB & I²S input.


# PCM Support

All Input: 24bits / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz. USB & I²S Input: Up to 1536kHz.


# Sampling Modes

NOS/OS: Non-oversampling and oversampling modes.


# Digital Inputs

Coax: Via RCA. TOSLink: Optical input. AES/EBU: Two inputs available. USB2.0: Type B connector. I²S Inputs: HDMI LVDS, RJ45 LVDS, RJ45 LVCMOS.


# Analog Outputs

RCA: 2.0Vrms, 625 Ω. XLR: 4.0Vrms, 1250 Ω.

# Clock Output (BNC 75Ω)


Frequencies: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 22.5774Mhz, 24.576Mhz, 45.1548MHz, 49.152Mhz.


# Performance

Frequency Response: 20-40KHz, -0.2dB. THD: 0.05% (RCA), 0.002% (XLR). S/N Ratio: 110dB (RCA), 120dB (XLR). Dynamic Range: >132dB. Stereo Crosstalk: -110dB.


# Power Requirements

Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (worldwide). Consumption: ≤20W.


# Dimensions & Weight

Device: 430W x 380D x 125H mm (including footers). Package: 610 x 570 x 275 mm. Weight: 19.0 kg.


### Package Contents

DAC only. (No power cord & remote control included.)


#Color Options

Available in Silver / Black.

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