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B A L A N C E D   I S O L A T I O N   C O N D I T I O N E R  


The BIC500-US/EU is a 500VA Balanced Isolation Conditioner. Equipped DENAFRIPS made audio-grade, high efficient, low noise Balanced Toroidal Transformer, a customs wound toroidal transformer with a center-tapped (earth), symmetrical balanced voltage output. 


One of the key benefits of the Balanced Isolation Transformer is its ability to significantly lower the AC noise floor, demonstrably improving the system performance.


With a power reserve of 500VA, the BIC500 is suitable for Streamer/DDC/DAC/Preamp or a moderate powered Class A/B amplifier (up to 500VA). 


Technical Highlights

  • Balanced Isolation Transformer

  • Built-in AC Filters, Surge Protection

  • Teflon Coated Pure Copper, Copper Shielded Toroid Transformer made by DENAFRIPS, In-House

  • Center Tap Earthed/Grounded

  • Fused IEC Power Inlet

  • Four US/EU Power Sockets

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