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Hermes and Venus II make a sensational ensemble.

Good morning Kamen,

I already received the Hermes and Sommer Excelsior cable about 5 or 6 days ago.

All in perfect condition.

About the effect of Hermes on the sound: I confess that even when deciding to buy I had great doubts if it would be worth spending money on a DDC.

When I put Hermes in my system, I immediately felt a huge difference in sound!

After 2 days of closer listening, the conclusion is: DCC had an even greater effect than switching my old DAC to Venus II!!! Everything has improved in a way that can only be considered sensational. Better defined basses; cleaner and more airy highs; more three-dimensional stage; better instrumental separation; more present and natural voices; Much more realistic TIMBERS. Incredible.

I've never had such an obvious difference before, whether with stereos or cables.

Hermes and Venus II make a sensational ensemble.

I connected my OPPO 205 to Hermes through the Audioquest Diamond digital RCA and Hermes to the Venus II through the Sommer Excelsior bluewater and the Venus II to the amplifier through the Audioquest Diamond RCA.

Gorgeous product! Thanks

Best regards

Carlos C.


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