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The Digital To Analog Decoder for music lovers

To commemorate DENAFRIPS’s 12 years of digital audio excellence, the most popular best selling Pontus II 12th Anniversary Edition features several performance enhancements at components level that might not be visible by the naked eyes but certainly audible for the seasoned and trained audiophiles' ears. 

The original Pontus II DAC shattered the expectations of what a R-2R Ladder DAC could be. Pontus II 12th superior sound quality enhancement took it to another level.


The PONTUS II 12th is a true balanced, dual mono R-2R Ladder Network Arrays DAC. Each channel is equipped with independent high-speed FPGA to facilitate the digital signal decoding by means of 4 sets of 0.01% R-2R network. The choice of such design yield very small linearity error, high decoding speed, low digital noise, not only to ensure that the audio signal is of very low distortion, but also to ensure a very low background music noise; allow listener to enjoy the true music with dark background. 

All digital input are FIFO buffered and reclocked by the on board FEMTO crystal oscillators. The excellent rejection of word-clock jitter makes DENAFRIPS DAC less reliance to the source equipment clock quality. PONTUS can transform your consumer grade computer, CDPlayer to high-end sound quality.

Non-Oversampling R-2R DAC /Signal fed to the DAC remain in its native sampling rate without additional processing. Pontus II 12th is a true NOS DAC. 


Pontus further enhanced the linear power supply design compared to the Ares. The power supply is encapsulated in a thick metal alloy, equipped with dual o-core transformers, completely isolated super linear regulator, multistages power supply for digital and analogue sections, ensuring low noise, high availability power supply to the DAC.


Clean power equates to the foundation of good sound. A dedicated linear power supply unit, designed and encased in a 1.5mm thick metal alloy enclosure, can be found underneath the DAC motherboard.


The box-within-box design, not only does it eliminates the inherited problems of dual box solution, it presents the details and attentions DENAFRIPS put into the premium DAC design.


Beefy dual O-Core Transformers for Digital and Analog sections, Ultra-Low ESR, Long Endurance Reservoir Capacitors, and multi-stages super linear power supply, ensuring ultra precision, low ripple power supply charging up DAC.


The Pontus II 12th is ideal DAC for music lover who value details, soundstage, imaging, and slight warm for musicality. Pontus II 12th a high quality DAC - probably one of the most critical components for High-Fidelity systems.

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